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Need home repairs? 5 reasons why you need to hire a handyman

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The bathroom drain is clogged again. You’re having problems with your electrical wiring. The fence needs fixing. The list of things you need to get things done at home seems endless. Hiring one technician for each job seems like a little too much, especially if you need to have multiple repairs done on your house at the same time. Fortunately, there are handymen you can hire who can help you with your minor renovations and the occasional domestic repairs. Most handymen can do all-around work, which means they can do most home repair jobs. Plus, some of them also offer specialised services, like the handymen at https://hireahubby.com.au/.


Here are some benefits you can get from hiring a handyman.

Time savings

You may think that repairing a clogged drain is a simple task that anyone can do. But if you’re not trained to handle such a repair job, fixing the problem may take you longer than expected. This could take you away from other equally important things you need to do.

A handyman can take care of all the things that need fixing in your home, and they can do it in half the time you can. So, you can relax while they repair your faulty circuit board or leaky tap—and they will be done before you know it.

Cost efficiency

Hiring a professional handyman may seem like an extra cost to you. But if you insist on doing the repairs yourself, you may end up causing more damage than good to your home, which means higher repair costs to undo your mistakes. The handymen at https://hireahubby.com.au/ can do the job right the first time, avoiding do-overs. Additionally, you won’t need to invest in equipment because professional handymen have their own tools on hand.

Skills and experience

Handymen are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in repair work. They are trained to fix almost anything, from your cabinets and fence to plumbing and electrical systems. And, since they have a reputation to keep, you can rest assured that they will finish all your to-do list as quickly and efficiently as possible. Visit us at Hire a Hubby

Reduced risk of accidents

Some home repairs are simple enough. However, not all of them are easy. Some are more complicated and can be quite dangerous for you to tackle on your own. For example, replacing missing roof shingles, cleaning the gutter, and repainting the roof are quite dangerous tasks.

A professional handyman is trained exactly for such tasks and are better equipped at handling those repairs for you. So, instead of risking life and limb doing home repairs, why not entrust them to a highly trained handyman? This way, you avoid getting yourself injured from potential accidents.

Boost in property resale value

If you’re thinking of reselling your home, a handyman can help spruce it up, giving it a facelift both externally and internally. This does not just make your home look more presentable. It can also help boost its resale value.

The people at Hire A Hubby are all highly trained and skilled handymen. They can help you with all your home repair needs, from small house repairs to full renovations. To learn more about them, you can check out their website at https://hireahubby.com.au/.

Granny Flats Essentials: Design with a purpose

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Granny flats have been dotting the Australian landscape. Part of the reason for its rise in popularity has something to do with homeowners wanting to have a little nook where they can use as a private office, a private sanctuary or a tiny home. As a result, companies like http://www.vanhomes.com.au/ have dedicated themselves to manufacturing quality but affordable housing options for Australians—Granny Flats.


Some residents also got attracted to potential income that they can generate from having granny flats in their properties. Granny Flats are perfect for older children moving out of the family home once they gained independence.

The Granny Flat design

Designing granny flats depend on their purpose. If you want to use the space as a home office, you should think about what you need while working. If you convert it to a rental office, then think about what your potential tenants will need in a small office.

Meanwhile, if you want to use it as a private sanctuary, think about how you can personalise the space to express your own individuality. Or, if the room is intended for your older kids, think about cool items and fresh colours that match their vigour.

For your convenience, we have decided to put up some design ideas to maximise the space of your granny flats.

  1. Aim for large windows

You have to remember that as per council regulations, secondary buildings such as granny flats are limited to only 60 square metres of space. That means you have to work with a very strict space limitation.

One way to address this concern is to have large windows. This gives you the perception that the area looks bigger. This also allows natural light to seep through and illuminate crowded or neglected spaces inside your tiny home.

If you want an open view of the yard, opt for large vertical windows. This allows you to feel closer to the outside areas and improve your inner ambience at the same time. Just be sure not to go overboard when adding windows. This is where strategic planning and experts skills come in. Companies like http://www.vanhomes.com.au/ are masters in designing granny flats that work to your advantage. Just visit them on their website and ask for a quote.

  1. Choose simple colours

While it may be tempting to have a whole swatch of colour palettes, choosing simple colours to help keep the area look tidy, organised and spacious.

Bold colours and patterns often make the room feel cramped. Choosing natural hues will make the space inviting, easily attracting potential tenants. Whether you are looking for a young couple, a small company, or older children to rent your granny flats, you will never go wrong with natural hues. Visit at Van Homes

Additionally, the colour of your carpet, walls and tiles in the kitchen should be cohesive. Make sure the colour of your furniture will also blend with the rest of your interior.

  1. Pick functional storage pieces

Think of where all your belongings will before you design your granny flat. If your purpose is to rent it out, think of what your potential tenants will bring once they move in.

If your tenant is starting a small office, are they bringing in lots of office essentials? If you are targeting young families as your tenants, do they have a lot of stuff from their previous home? Make sure you provide them with a space-saving but functional storage space.

Having the right storage can affect the overall look of your granny flats. You will better attract tenants when you know how to provide them with ample storage space for their needs.

To sum it up

Granny flats are not just for potential investment purposes alone. It is also ideal if you have an elderly parent who wants to live independently but loves to be closer to family. You can allocate a space in your yard and have a granny flat ready for them to move into. They can retain their independence and privacy while maintaining close contact with the family.

If you are looking for quality granny flats built by experts, VanHomes might just be your solution. You can have your home delivered and set up in your property in just half a day. Visit their website at http://www.vanhomes.com.au/ to find out more about their products and services.

What renovations you should never try to do

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Home improvement can be a very tough business. No matter what the reason for it, kitchen and bathroom renovations can be very expensive. Materials are expensive and the process can take a lot of man hours to complete.

Thus, you’d be forgiven for any attempts to save time and money. After all, nobody wants to spend beyond their means. But being thrifty can be different from penny-pinching. And there are a lot of things that are better off in different hands than ours.

Tempted to go the Do-It-Yourself kitchen or bathroom renovations route? However, there are certain things you just can’t fix by on your own. You may think it saves you from hiring tradespeople to the stuff that you can do on your own. Quick savings for sure, but repairs and replacements from future problems will cost you more down the line.

So, what should you never even attempt to do?

Convert electric stoves/ovens to gas (or vice versa)

Maybe the power bill went too high. Or something is preventing the oven from being energy efficient. In any case, experts in kitchen renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has today might need is to change those stovetops from electric to gas. Never do that without an expert unless you want a big bonfire instead of a cozy home.

Replace water heaters or fuel tanks

This is another hazardous task. Trying to tinker with water heaters or fuel lines? Big risk to suffer an electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning or both.

Replace kitchen or bathroom tiles

Not exactly dangerous, but can be a nuisance if done poorly. Kitchen and bathroom renovations might require new tiles to match the new layout. But without an expert, tiles might not be set properly and may come loose. Or it may not be positioned in a way that keeps water in place and leaves stains on the tiles.

Installing a skylight

Want some sunshine while cooking? Not a bad idea, but your own hands can’t guarantee the kitchen will be safe and dry when it rains. Improper installation can cause leakage and water from the rain may seep in.

Placing in a glass shower

Want to take advantage of your bathroom renovations to add a glass shower partition? Better make sure it won’t fall apart during installation – or even afterward. Experts are required to ensure the glass panel is installed properly and be very secure, not to mention watertight.

Pumping the septic system

This is the one task that, under any circumstances, you can never do it yourself. Emptying the septic tank requires equipment, which needs special permits to operate. There’s no way you can do anything about it, except to call in the experts.

Times are tough and money is tight. But these tasks require skills, training, and tools that can’t be picked up after hours. Experts train themselves to do these things properly and efficiently. At the end of the day, they are the ones who can help you save money.

Need to spice up your house? Want to change how you feel inside your home? Get the best bathroom and kitchen renovations Melbourne has to offer. Visit https://www.mwhomes.com.au/quality-bathroom-renovations-melbourne/ to learn more.

5 Reasons why you should get a bi fold electric gate

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So you might be thinking of getting a gate for your home but is still quite unsure of what to get. For a first time buyer, this can be really overwhelming because of the sheer number of choices to choose from. However, most driveway gates Melbourne wide are bifold gates. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting one.

driveway gates melbourne

Compact and convenient

Space can be the number one challenge for gates. Most city homes and apartment complexes have limited spaces for single swing gates. Modern homes, especially in the city, often do not have big enough space for a traditional single swing gate. This can be a problem if you have a big opening but not enough swing room. A bifold gate essentially fixes this problem. In principle, a bifold gate is just two single swing gates side by side and meets at the middle. It basically cuts down the swing distance by half dividing the length into the two leaves.

Less fuss

Bifold gates are also pretty easy to install and maintain. Perhaps, second only to the single swing gate. They have a simple mechanism, mainly a set of hinges and bolts, and are available in many different materials. Most kits are simple enough to install that even someone with average carpentry skill can put one up on their own. Most driveway gates Melbourne shops can also install these for you for a small fee. Maintenance is also pretty easy as you only need to check that the hinges are properly lubricated and not rusted. There are also no tracks to keep free of dirt and other debris, unlike sliding gates.


Bifold gates are also one of the easy gate types to automate. You can pick up automatic bifold gates kit from your local supplier for relatively cheap. Nowadays there are a few available automation solutions depending on your space constraints. The simplest is the surface-mounted kit which is attached behind the leaves.


Bifold gates are also very versatile. They can be used in many different types of situation where any other gate type aren’t possible. These include sloped driveways, U shaped entryways, and wide openings but limited swing space among others. They can also be divided asymmetrically making one leaf smaller than the other. This makes the small leaf also double as a small gate for people. Talk to any driveway gates Melbourne suppliers and see which gate solution is best for you.


As stated above, Most bifold gates Melbourne suppliers have gates in many different sizes and materials. Wood is a popular choice for most application because they are cheap and readily available. Wood is sturdy enough for most homeowners needs. Another popular material is metal specifically metal bars. This gives the gate a kind of sophisticated look aside from being a good and sturdy gate. Other materials are also available such as aluminium, stainless steel, or any combination of the above given.

Get amazing deals from a trusted supplier

The Motorized Gate Company is one of Australias’ leading gate automation experts. With over 30 years of experience, they are the authority in gates and gate automation. They offer quality bi fold gates Melbourne wide and beyond. Visit https://themotorisedgatecompany.com.au to learn more.