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Simple guidelines in recycling paper your company uses


According to research each Australian uses around 230 kilograms of paper each year. And that’s despite paperless offices becoming popular along with the booming digital technology. It’s a good thing, however, that Australia has 87% of paper and cardboard recycling rate. People just have to recycle more papers and use office bins Australia has for company purposes.

Your office should know how to recycle paper efficiently. You can start by preferring recycled paper for company operations. Properly disposing of paper waste can help a lot. This can significantly decrease paper waste from your office that goes to the landfills.

Vital tips in recycling paper in the office

Do you want to start and promote recycling office paper in your company? Here are a few points you can take note:

Use recycled paper

Preferring to use recycled paper can help decrease the demand and production of new sheets. Remember that a tonne of paper needs 13 trees, 31,780 liters of water, and 2.5 oil barrels among other resources. And, you can help save such resources by curbing the use of new paper.

Reduce office printing

Reduce your office printing especially when it is unnecessary. Instead, prefer to use electronic documents. It will help you save paper and ink efficiently. Moreover, it’s much easier to send and receive electronic documents nowadays. Check Ecobin for more details.

Use office recycling bins

Place recycling office bins all over your office. Use bins for paper waste on specific areas, such as beside the photocopier, near the office desks and cubicles, and the lounge. Aside from office paper and documents, this helps you gather outdated newspapers and magazines from key areas.

Mark recycling bins appropriately

Remember to put appropriate marks on your recycling bins. This helps you avoid contaminating particular types of rubbish with different ones. For example, food waste should not go with paper waste in one bin. This should not be a worry since there are different colored office bins Australia can offer.

Separate white paper from coloured paper

It’s best to put coloured and white paper into separate bins. That’s because coloured paper requires a different recycling process. Moreover, paper recycling plants give more value to white paper as well.

Notify your entire company about your paper recycling program

After planning everything, inform your entire company about paper recycling. For example, you can incorporate it in your company meeting or create a newsletter through email. That helps them know about the reduction of paper use and to use office rubbish bin for paper waste properly.

You can also tell other offices or companies to do the same. For example, you can attach a small disclaimer on every electronic document you send. You can also politely refuse when they require your printed outputs. That’s a great chance to explain a bit about paper recycling.

These are the important reminders in recycling paper in your office. Carefully lay your plans beforehand, so you can implement it in your entire company. Of course, purchase the best office bins Australia has for paper waste too.

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